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SPORTmind is committed to sharing the wide range of universal tools available to professional athletes, giving you the chance to learn and grow and working with you to integrate them into other aspects of your life.

As an ATP tour professional for over a decade, I have the experience to be able to say this with honesty; no matter if it is a Tennis match or the ‘game of life’ you need the same commitment, the same effort and the same abilities to succeed and find happiness and peace of mind. Let me work with you and share my commitment to develop your strengths and your own personal success strategy.

The moment a match is over, the next match begins, you simply cannot ‘withdraw from the tournament’ in real life, your best effort is always the best option.

I have no doubt that self-development is the highest priority in life, only in doing this can we maximize our potential and share with others, the very best of ourselves.

I wish I could have known all this at the beginning of my own journey to becoming a professional Tennis player, this is why I feel compelled to share my wealth of acquired knowledge and experience with others.

With the insights that arise from honest introspection, commitment and delivering your very best, you as a player and a person, will gain the tools to influence and improve the quality and outcome of your game and harness the power of fulfilment on a whole deeper level.

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Develop your strengths to perform at your highest.

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Success is a State of Mind.

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Learn The Magic Of Winning.

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